A great way to have fresh beautiful flowers on your table all season long is by joining the Tarrnation Flower Farm CSA. In becoming part of the Community Supported Agriculture program we offer, you help us to invest in the coming season, and we give you a personal share of the flowers we grow at Tarrnation.

Each week we will create a gorgeous arrangement full of seasonal bounty using flowers, herbs, and foliage we grow or forage from our land. We harvest the freshest flowers from the field, all different colors and varieties, to give you a different design to brighten up your home or business every week. This fresh and local choice will arrive straight from our flower fields, free of chemicals, directly to you for the summer months—and, it makes great gifts for loved ones!

Your CSA membership will help us continue to invest in our first greenhouse that we will be building in April 2017, along with new seed varieties and fertilizer for the new season. Here in northern New Hampshire our growing season is limited to a small window of time. Greenhouses allow us to extended our season by up to 8 weeks and grow more varieties of flowers, giving them the warmth and protection they need. In turn, we will be able to provide you with many more beautiful bouquets! We have a lot in store for 2017 so make sure you don't miss out on the best of our blooms!

Beginning with our large crop of exceptional peonies and ending with our many colorful varieties of dahlias and all the beauties in between, our CSA offers two Half Share options or a Full Share of these awesome flowers!

2018 CSA
Full Share: June 27–Sept. 12
1st Half Share: June 27–Aug. 1
2nd Half Share:  Aug. 8–Sept. 12

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Your flowers will be ready for you to pick up every Wednesday from 9 am–6 pm at the farm stand. Each pick up will be wrapped in kraft paper and ready to take home and put in your vase of choice! We look forward to seeing you!

Gift certificates are also available. For more information please email us at tarrnationfarm@gmail.com